PRE ORDER - Love Heart Exhaust Tip Stainless Steel - 2.5 inch/ Universal Fit

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Stock shipment will be arriving to us by the end of June :) and your orders will be shipped same day! (Please note; this is only an ESTIMATE for time of arrival as we cannot guarentee an exact day they will arrive to us as post is out of our control)

If you are unsure of your exhaust Inlet size, that's okay! Since these do need to be properly welded on, any muffler shop can fabricate an adapter pipe to fit, even if it's a different size.

  • 2.5" inlet stainless steel love heart exhaust tip.
  • 100% T304 stainless steel, anti corrosive, long life span and rust resistant!
  • Kawaii Garage etched 
  • Inlet (inside diameter) 2.5"
  • Outlet (outside diameter) 76x61mm
  • Overall length: 150mm
  • Installation: Weld on
  • Finish: Polished 

Have any more questions about our exhaust tips? Please find our Exhaust Tip FAQ at the bottom of our website.