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The Origin Of Kawaii Garage

Hi, my name is Jade, I am from the beautiful Queensland Australia and I am the face behind Kawaii Garage.

I was introduced to the motorsports world at a very young age, and by 10 years old I was attending regular events such as drifting, Super Cars, Formula 1, car shows, and everything in-between. It very quickly became a passion of mine and that passion has grown and continued on into my adult life. When I was old enough to drive, I bought my dream car, a Nissan 180sx. I've since delved deeper into the world of motorsports by learning to drift, rally drive and driving my first few drag races! 

In 2019 I left Australia to live in Japan. My time in Japan further grew my love and passion for the automotive community, motorsports and the Japanese culture within. Living in Japan opened my eyes to the endless possibilities within the community which drove me to dream of starting my own company one day. 

I started making car accessories many years ago when I noticed a huge gap in the industry for custom accessories and I was never able to find anything on the market I truly loved! So, I started making everything myself, on my own, in my garage. From making my own shift boots, to gear sticks, to teaching myself to 3d print and make everything I could possibly ever want! My absolute love for motorsports and passion for creativity, combined with my adoration for the Japanese culture, Kawaii Garage was born. What started out as passion project I started on a wim one random morning in March of 2021, intended just for fun, suddenly became my full time job in just 3 short months.

I hope to create things that bring you joy and provide you all with unique, original products to continue to fuel your very own love for motorsports and the culture within it!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live out a dream, and I hope with my products you can continue to explore your very own love for the automotive industry and find joy in everything I create.

Thank you for being part of the Kawaii Garage journey, I owe it to you!

With love,


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