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Kawaii Garage motorsports team, Team Kawaii, is a group of drivers we have hand selected to sponsor during their upcoming journey into motorsports. It gives us great delight to be an official sponsor for women journeying into the world of motorsports and provide them with the necessary tools they need for their upcoming careers as well as having them as a part of a supportive team representing Kawaii Garage all over the world in their selected sports.

TEAM KAWAII is a team of like minded women sharing the same passion for driving, backed by the Kawaii Garage brand and allowing Kawaii Garage to be showcased in multiple motorsporting categories in various parts of the world.

​If you are a woman and you are a driver in any category of motorsports, please send your application in for review for a potential sponsorship opportunity.


please fill out our application form at the bottom of this page.

Further information will be discussed if you progress through the application process.

Your message below MUST INCLUDE.

- Your country of residence

- Your car(s) make and model

- Your Instagram handle

- Some information about your motorsports experience and why you feel you should be considered for a sponsorship opportunity