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Our Mission and why we do what we do here at Kawaii

Inspiring and empowering women in Motorsports and Automotive Enthusiasts

It has been my mission for Kawaii Garage to shine a light on women in motorsports and provide them with products that bring them joy, are tailored to them, and aren't compromising on the feminine aspect that is always lacking in the industry. I want to continue to make products that make women feel special, seen and heard when it comes to motorsports, things that make us feel like we truly have a place here on the track. Creating things that suit our bodies and things that master our desire for adorable without compromising on safety.

I feel so honoured and proud to be a woman in motorsports and be amongst these ladies while also being able to provide them with the tools they need to strive in the industry, as a woman, with confidence.

Here's to the women who love getting behind the wheel, I see you, and you are SO deserving. I can't wait for you all to see what's next.

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