Glitter Blue Circle Tsurikawa

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Custom hand-made Tsurikawa. Unique design. Photographed strap included.

 PLEASE NOTE: Breakages are non-refunadable. Tsurikawas on our site are for aesthetic purposes only. Tsurikawas are all 100% hand-made and are crafted to the best possible standard but please note that some imperfections may be evident due to the hand-made nature.

WHAT IS A TSURIKAWA? The 'hang ring' otherwise known in Japan as a 'Tsurikawa' were originally attached inside cars, busses and trains for passengers to hold onto to keep their balance while the vehicle was in motion. Tsurikawas soon became popular amongst Japanese youths and car enthusiasts often stealing them from trains to hang behind their cars as a symbol of rebellion and disrespect to authority. Car enthusiasts still to this day flaunt them to express their freedom and preserve tradition.